ZEUS milling machines are high quality, mechanically simple, yet sturdy machines with excellent machining precision, designed in accordance with ISO standards. Our vocation has always been that of designing and manufacturing die-sinking machines and tools. With our technical expertise we can design and produce personalized, highly reliable and more flexible machines in shorter times and at a lower cost than Special Machines. Our production, which is complete and qualitatively superior, allows us to meet all technical and dimensional needs at highly competitive prices and without having to make compromises. ZEUS milling machines are technologically avant-garde and are without doubt the best long-term investment you could make.

OUR KNOW-HOW - 1962: ZEUS introduces its first milling machine prototype

SALES - The Sales office operates through agents who work in close collaboration with our production managers in order to offer bespoke products

TECHNICAL OFFICE - The continuous technological, electronic and mechanical up-skilling of our experts allows us to identify personalized solutions

SOFTWARE - Developed and personalized for the client by our in-house experts with specific experience in milling machines to guarantee simple, easy and effective operations

MANUAL / CNC VERSION OF THE MACHINE - The electronic components of the milling machines are made with a basic hardware that enables machining of single pieces and small, medium and large series

5 Axes Milling Machines

Mobile Upright Milling machine Mobile Upright Milling Boring Machine

Vertical Spindle Machining Centres

Bed-type Milling Machines

Vertical Drilling Machines

Fixed Gantry Milling Machines

Knee-type Milling Machines

Special Machines